Psalm 137

We are fortunate in the Rectory, to be able to walk about in the church grounds from our front door, a good way to ward of the ‘trapped within four walls’ feeling during this time of lock-down. As I was doing that this afternoon, I stood looking at the church door – closed since earlier this week – and Psalm 137 verse 4 came to mind……..

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”

These words, first written by the psalmist in exile, may well be our words now as we are exiled from our church buildings, exiled from each other…

But like the exiles who first uttered these words of lament, we will find that God is just as much with us in these new circumstances as in the old. God is just as much with us in our ‘virtual’ worship, just as much with us in our isolation. We need to learn to listen, or pay attention, in a different way.

The early Christian hermits, the Desert Fathers, Julian of Norwich and others sought out isolation to better hear God. So, during the days ahead of us, do take time to use the quiet, the change of routine, the forced isolation to listen to what God maybe saying to you….

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