Locking the doors….

Another day, another announcement, another email from the College of Bishops, this time asking us to close our churches to the public to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

So it was with some emotion that I traipsed down the path from the Rectory to the church to pin a notice on the door – ‘The church is closed for a time’……

But we will be back!

Now, I know the church is the people, not the building, but there is something liminal and numinous about coming together in worship in a holy place, a place set apart for this very purpose. So we will be back, and when we are, we will rejoice!

But until then, we must learn another way to be the church. We are scattered through the community……and perhaps that is the way it should be at this time. We are in amongst the community, praying for health workers, government leaders, each other, and ourselves.

And we are finding ways to come together online, in a virtual gathering, but with real worship. Last Sunday, we were praying together, hearing God’s word, chatting before the service even, and next Sunday we are going to do the same, and may even have a go at singing together!

We will find ways to celebrate Holy Week and Easter….I’m thinking about a series of meditations through Holy Week, the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, and then Easter Sunday morning will have to be greeted with an alleluia, even if it’s only the pheasant who hears.

At the top of this post, I have inserted a photo taken by someone else (hope you don’t mind Sarah), a photo just used as the Facebook cover photo. Alan’s words are an appropriate ending – ‘The building is dark, the doors are locked, but there is hope in the morning sunrise.’

Because there is hope in the morning Son rising….we are an Easter people, and we live in the light of the resurrection. So we will be back, to worship and praise in this wee church on the hill. We will be back as soon as it is safe to do so.

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